Monday, November 9, 2009

Truth in Metric

"Get hot, get too close to the flame,
Wild, open, space.
Talk like an open book,
Sign me up

Got no time to take a picture - I'll remember someday
All the chances we took,
We're so close, to something better left unknown..
We're so close, to something better left unknown..
I can feel it in my bones"

- Metric, Gimme Sympathy

The fragmented ideas that are embedded within the somewhat-nonsensical lyrics of Metric's album (Fantasies) strike me as deeply profound, but often I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is that captivates me. All I know is that I'm good at getting "too close to the flame", and at times I wish I could "talk like an open book". I feel like I've experienced the notion of getting "so close, to something better left unknown" too many times for my own good, and when this happens I definitely "feel it in my bones". I guess the most prominent personal connection here is in the identity.

The conscious naivety in the diction is perplexing, and it teeters on the edge of the grasping for your idea of perfect happiness without knowing exactly what it is you seek. The danger here, is realizing that what it is you've been reaching for is not what you really wanted, or ever will want. Or perhaps even realizing that what you've been striving for is certainly what you want, but impossible to attain. This idea is also reflected in "Gold Guns and Girls" where the phrase: "is it ever gonna be enough" is repeated consecutively. This is one of the perpetual themes throughout the album, and the album name Fantasies is very fitting.

I love music that makes me think, I love Metric.

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  1. you lost me at The conscious naivety in the diction is perplexing hahah. just kidding, but i like your analysis! makes me want to check out this metric everyone is talking about